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Managed services

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Let us manage and secure your Cloud and DevSecOps environments, leaving you to focus on higher-value activities and projects.

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We Take On Your
Complex Challenges

Struggling to find talent? Do you feel like your applications aren’t as resilient as they could be?

Axcelinno delivers managed services that reflect our areas of expertise, capabilities, and experience:

  • Our DevSecOps services increase the security and productivity of your IT, DevOps and application development lifecycles. We can manage your existing DevSecOps pipelines or start afresh.
  • Our Cloud services optimize your applications and increase business value. We can look after your entire cloud environment or specific applications.

As we work, we’ll provide consultation around risk mitigation, cost optimization, and opportunities for innovation.

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Your obstacles

We Solve

Who we help

Skill Shortages

Technology talent is hard to find and retain. Rely on our expertise to address the skills gap and increase your agility, so you can keep pace with rapid change.


Security Blind Spots

How protected are your applications really? We’ll embed security into your development and IT lifecycles.


Managing Costs

Struggling to realize value? We’ll help you reduce costs, improve predictability, and increase your return on investment.

Cloud Implementation

Cloud Delivery Concerns

We’ll be honest: cloud management can be tedious and tricky. Our team will carry the weight of vital processes so you don’t have to.

Our expertise

Why You Should Consider Our Service

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Proven Experience

We have the resources and knowledge to operate, build, and manage your environments.

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We don’t just keep the lights on. We’re always on the lookout for opportunities that drive business value.

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Risk Mitigation

Our expert security services will keep your business protected, ensuring you’re only in the news for the right reasons.

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Peace of Mind

No more sleepless nights. Our trusted experts will take on your difficult IT management and security tasks.

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Why choose us?

Collaborative, Accountable,

Working alongside your teams, we’ll listen to your pain points and tailor our Managed Services to your needs. Whatever support you need, our team will be dedicated to your success.

Throughout our engagement, you can expect regular status reports, mentorship and communication in abundance.

What sets us apart
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What Our Customers Say:

‘We researched a lot of vendors, but it was clear that Axcelinno had a team of problem solvers who understood the issues we were facing and the technologies that were needed to solve those problems.’

‘It's been a very good experience working with Axcelinno. Whenever we have any questions or concerns, our account team is always there to help us… The folks that we work with from Axcelinno are experts in this field… In the end, all conditions were met and everything was completed in a timely manner.’

‘I loved the responsiveness, and that we were provided written daily updates and recaps--this kind of communication signals to me that people are paying attention and getting things done. The Axcelinno consultant was great: very calm, showed deep technical expertise and a lot of endurance throughout two long days of troubleshooting. Altogether very impressive!’


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We’ll Identify Your Needs

We shoulder your Cloud management and DevSecOps needs.


Provide Expert Consultation

We’ll examine your problems and opportunities for improvement.


And Offer A Tailored Solution

We’ll suggest a managed service solution that aligns with your business goals.

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