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Container Orchestration in DevSecOps

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This blog explores why a vast majority of organizations are using a container orchestration...

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Reducing Cycle Time & Risk With DevSecOps | Axcelinno

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Learn how implementing the DevSecOps methodology can help organizations reduce cycle time and risk...

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DevSecOps: Putting Security in DevOps | Axcelinno

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Learn how security and the DevOps movement can work together to help organizations stay secure.

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What is DevSecOps Methodology?

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DevOps combines development and operations for faster delivery cycles. But what about security?...

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What do DevSecOps and Formula 1 have in common?

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Join Josh Minthorne, Co-Founder and Global Technology Director of Axcelinno, and Liesse Jones from...

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3 Common DevOps Challenges And How To Solve Them

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A DevOps approach results in faster delivery cycles and software releases. But implementing it...