What it’s Like to Implement DevSecOps with Axcelinno

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DevSecOps requires a shift in mindset. It’s an entire methodology that makes data protection a concern right through your development life cycle. As such, it demands a new approach from everyone in your organization. That means all stakeholders, from the C-suite to your engineers.


So how does Axcelinno help you achieve this?


Sustainable Change


Successful implementation of DevSecOps doesn’t slow down the delivery cycle. In fact, it should speed it up, with security woven into the code instead of teams fixing flaws later on. But this is only possible if you have the expertise and collaboration skills to make it work. At Axcelinno, we don’t just focus on getting your new environment up and running. We also understand the challenges on both the dev and the security side and mentor teams in how to collaborate.


We look at what happens one month down the line. And one year down the line. Will you have the staff with the knowledge to maintain and develop that environment, even amidst this global skills shortage?


Well, that depends on you.


You need to invest the time for your team to develop new skills. And your team needs to be open to change. But if you’re all on board, Axcelinno can provide priceless, hands-on experience with experts. And that expertise stretches across a breadth of industries.


A Wealth of Experience


Many industries are now realizing the benefits of learning from each other. A healthcare provider might want to know how an insurance company applies tokenization. Or a government agency might want to hear how banks secure applications. Axcelinno facilitates this cross-pollination.


Our expertise reaches across multiple industries where security and compliance are crucial. And we share the insights from each project for our engineers to apply down the line. So, when one of our team members executes container orchestration in a HIPAA - compliant environment, we all gain that knowledge. We also have a wealth of experience in cloud computing and can recognize not just the development opportunities the cloud affords, but the security challenges it brings. We can help clients address risks even as they take full advantage of the cloud’s scalability.


A Flexible Model


At Axcelinno, we’re realists. We assess your people, processes, and tools and recommend best practices for your DevSecOps implementation. But, if for example, you don’t have the resources for training, we can come in as a Managed Service Provider and look after security for you.


And if you’re on a deadline, we’ll get your environment up and running for a rapid time to market, and revisit staff training as a second stage. We also understand you might be hamstrung by methodologies or technology contracts. Our focus is on solving problems, so we work with what you have, to get the outcomes you need. And, when your tech contract is up for renewal, we’ll provide unbiased advice on finding something better fit for your purpose.


A Methodical Approach


At Axcelinno we always start by defining what success looks like for a shared understanding of what to prioritize. This helps clarify the scope of work and ensures iterative ROI. And because outcomes are quantitative, there’s a frame of reference to track progress and measure success.


It also allows us to evaluate the impact of your changes at a granular level. How much time, for instance, did static application security testing (SAST) save? Now imagine the possibilities when you switch even more rules on. And what if all your engineers get trained in secure coding, too?


This is where it gets really exciting. You can pinpoint bottlenecks, spot opportunities to streamline projects, and start delivering better quality. Of course, this level of maturity isn’t immediate, but if you’re willing to engage and make tough decisions the results can be rapid. So, if you’re looking for a sustainable, results-driven way to evolve and improve, reach out.


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