COVID-19: A Shift In Collaboration and Remote Software Development

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As the impact of COVID-19 grows, Axcelinno and our customers are being tested like never before. Our customers have to ensure that their organizations continue to operate through this unprecedented disruption by providing the means necessary to maintain, or more commonly, increase the productivity of teams who overnight have become a remote workforce. Product owners, development teams, testing, and operations teams are focusing on accelerating the development, delivery, and operationalization of technology-based solutions without sacrificing quality, while also mitigating risk. For Axcelinno, we have to ensure that our customers are getting the continued engagement, collaboration and hands-on mentoring from our consultants regardless of where they are located.

While this is a large challenge, it’s not impossible to overcome. The adoption of new technologies and methodologies provide significant improvements in helping IT teams develop and maintain applications and infrastructure. Now more than ever, it’s become clear to our customers that traditional application development methods hinder teams from addressing the challenges of a fast-paced digital world. The majority of our customers have stated that the adoption of Agile, DevOps, cloud-native technologies, and modern development practices arrived sooner and must be in place faster than anticipated.

We have been working closely with our customers to redefine how the myriad of teams involved in the SDLC can continue to deliver projects on-time and within budget using globally distributed, remote teams, including Axcelinno. Our consultants who used to work both on-site with our customer’s teams and remotely are now working in a remote fashion only. While the location may have changed, Axcelinno’s goals of helping our customers and collaborating with them hasn’t.

We have leveraged best-of-breed cloud-native technologies from Red Hat as part of our customer engagements to create a digital workplace that enables our customers and Axcelinno’s consultants to collaborate for continued effectiveness. This means that the development teams no longer have to worry about taking their machines home with them, or installing and setting up an entirely new laptop with their development tools and local test environments to continue their day-to-day work securely.

In fact, our customers have stated the teams collaborate more now than they did when sitting in the office together. Additionally, the development and operations teams have seen an increase in productivity because infrastructure and other resources are readily available and on-demand through self-service capabilities for their development teams in a secure, and hybrid cloud environment.

While COVID-19 will have a lasting impact, it’s clear that Axcelinno and our customers realize changes are required to keep pace with the ever-growing digital age, and teams must be provided with resources and adopt modern technologies, methodologies, and practices to meet business demands. Especially, with the new distributed workforce model.

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