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We believe in positive outcomes and lasting change, not quick fixes. We’ll only ever equip you with Cloud and DevSecOps solutions that genuinely work for you.

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Our solutions

What We Do

We’re expert problem solvers and knowledge sharers. That means we stay on top of the latest disruptive technologies and security risks (so you don’t have to).

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Cloud Strategy & Migration

Move to the public, hybrid, or multi-cloud and benefit from increased agility, scalability, and flexibility.

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DevSecOps & Automation

Protect your assets and stay out of the news. We mitigate risks throughout your development lifecycle.

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Managed Services

Ease the burden of complex migrations and build lasting resilience with ongoing support from our solution experts.


Our Happy Customers

We work with any company, in any sector, large or small. You tell us your problem and we’ll provide the solution.

Who we are

About Axcelinno

Axcelinno was founded in 2017 by Farhan Hussain, Josh Minthorne, and John Espey.

As leaders in the Cloud and DevSecOps space, we've successfully solved intricate problems, created new business opportunities, and improved security for a host of diverse organizations.

But we provide more than just quick fixes. Using our breadth of experience, we focus on reshaping strategies, mentoring teams, and designing proactive security frameworks. The result? Lasting business resilience and sustained success. 


Industries We Help

You can trust our diverse experience. We’ve provided strategic solutions to businesses across a wealth of different sectors:


Finance & Banking

Building innovative customer experiences and responding quickly to the changing financial landscape.



Automating burdensome tasks, flagging instances of fraud, and offering competitive self-service options.



Providing superior patient services, supporting your workers, and simplifying tedious processes.



Identifying supply chain bottlenecks and streamlining warehouse management with data analytics.



Locating products during any stage of the shipping process and giving you the ability to act on real-time data.



Speeding up operations and field data transfers, and helping you remain compliant with regulations.


Business Technology

Increasing the efficiency of your products, staying competitive, and protecting your platform users.


Media & Entertainment

Meeting the growing demands of your customers, reducing storage costs, and improving your IT security.

Partners & Memberships

Who We Work With

We implement high-quality, cost-effective, and secure products from some of the leading names in the technology space.



6 Reasons To Work With Us

You can expect quick communications, expert consultation, and friendly customer service throughout our engagement.


Our Learning Culture

We leave a lasting mark. Our consultants educate, reskill, and add confidence to your teams.


Success At Speed

Our delivery record is unwavering. We consistently deliver on time or ahead of time - never late.


We’re Very Responsive

We don’t leave you hanging. If you need us, we’re only a quick email or phone call away.


A Reliable Partner

Other Cloud and DevSecOps consultants come and go. We value long-term relationships.


Diversity Is In Our DNA

Our team brings their different life experiences and skillsets to everything they do.

Our Tailored Approach

Every client is different. We tailor our security and Cloud solutions to your specific needs.


Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say

‘We researched a lot of vendors, but it was clear that Axcelinno had a team of problem solvers who understood the issues we were facing and the technologies that were needed to solve those problems.’

‘It's been a very good experience working with Axcelinno. Whenever we have any questions or concerns, our account team is always there to help us… The folks that we work with from Axcelinno are experts in this field… In the end, all conditions were met and everything was completed in a timely manner.’

‘I loved the responsiveness, and that we were provided written daily updates and recaps--this kind of communication signals to me that people are paying attention and getting things done. The Axcelinno consultant was great: very calm, showed deep technical expertise and a lot of endurance throughout two long days of troubleshooting. Altogether very impressive!’


Our Certifications

Continually enhancing our skills is an important part of our culture. Here are some of the certifications we’re proud to own.

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